Oysters, with a Side of Plastic

National Public Radio x EarthFix

Published in 2017, this story became the most-viewed online video in Cascade Public Media's history, getting 7 million views, 45,000 reactions and 7,000 comments on Facebook. It also received traction nationally, getting redistributed by NPR, Vox Sentences, and The Dr. Oz Show. Locally, it inspired presentations at the Seattle Aquarium's Lighting Talks event and the Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association's annual trade conference. It was awarded an Emmy (Pacific Northwest) for health and science coverage.

"Scientists predict that plastic polluting the ocean will someday outweigh fish in the ocean. But how much of that plastic is ending up inside of our seafood? One of the Pacific Northwest's most beloved culinary staples, the oyster, is helping to answer that question."

Roles: Producer / Cinematographer / Editor

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